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The San Antonio Human Resource Management Association (SAHRMA) is a non-profit professional organization with more than 700 members dedicated to the advancement of the human resource management profession.

SAHRMA is a chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and most recently earned the SHRM Excel Platinum award for its achievements and contributions. The chapter continues to build upon its legacy by meeting members’ needs and carrying out the SAHRMA mission through our dedication to Learn Connect Serve.

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SAHRMA meets monthly

A Message from Our President

Welcome to The 2022 Board of Directors

October is election time for SAHRMA. Each year the Nominating Committee compiles a slate of prospective candidates up for election to fill the vacating board positions in the following year. This election year we had several positions to fill! All but two of our board members were completing their terms at the end of 2021. Because of this, it was important that the President Elect, Gonzalo Soliz and I started succession planning earlier in the year. We both understood the challenges with not only recruiting interested members, but also finding the right fit for open board positions.

When it came election time, we were very pleased to have an amazing list of SAHRMA members who were ready to step up to take on a leadership role on the board. In addition to that, we had several current BOD members recommit to serve on the SAHRMA board for another term in either the same or a different role.   This valuable continuity will serve to strengthen the initiatives and goals of SAHRMA into 2022. 

I’m very excited for the 2022 board to start taking shape. During the final two months of 2021, the new board members will attend BOD meetings, be officially sworn in by SHRM, and will work with their predecessors to transition and train in their new roles.

                         Please join me in congratulating the newly elected 2022 SAHRMA Board of Directors!

President Elect - Ernesto Escobedo

Treasurer - Sandy Hernandez

Secretary - Rose Morales

Workforce Readiness Director - Lauro A. Garza

Marketing & PR Director - Sheila Price

Government Affairs Director - Heather Ruiz

Membership Director - Rebecca Tepe

College Relations Director - Adrian Guardia

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Director - Kim Munoz

                             Board Members continuing terms in 2022

President – Gonzalo Soliz

Past President – Dawn Cunningham

Professional Development Director – Marizta Sanchez

Digital Communications Director – Javier Lujan

Volunteer Coordinator – Maureen Molina

HR Certification Chair – Kim Rash

                            Newly appointed in 2021, to be continued in 2022

Community External Relations Chair – Dolly Buscher

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for your service and commitment to SAHRMA!

Our History

Founded in 1959, SAHRMA was originally called the San Antonio Personnel Management Association (SAPMA) and consisted of approximately 25 members. 

The founding members established the association as a means to provide a forum for personnel and industrial relations professionals in the community. 

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2019 SHRM Excel Platinum Award

Congratulations to the San Antonio Human Resource Management Association (SAHRMA) for receiving the 2019 Platinum Excel Award, the highest honor awarded by SHRM for accomplishments and strategic initiatives that elevate the Human Resources profession.

Congratulations also to the TX SHRM Council for also receiving the 2019 Platinum Excel Award.

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2019 SHRM Foundation Top 25 Award

SAHRMA has always been an award winning SHRM Chapter.  Congratulations SAHRMA, number 6!!   

SHRM Pinnacle Award

The SHRM Pinnacle Award Program is an annual recognition program honoring the highest achievements in SHRM affiliate development and contributions that serve HR professionals, advance the HR profession and enhance the SHRM community.

In 2011, SAHRMA received its first SHRM Pinnacle Award, in recognition for the Workforce Readiness Initiative - Overcoming Homelessness through Employment Readiness, where SAHRMA partnered with SAMMinistries.

In 2015, SAHRMA had the prestigious honor of again receiving a Pinnacle Award.  Our 2015 Pinnacle Award focused on our efforts with the Transitioning Warrior Workshops alongside Centurion Military Alliance.  As human resource professionals, we worked to help match employers with qualified veterans and thereby strengthen and serve our community. SAHRMA members can continue to volunteer time and talent in support of veterans.  See Community Volunteer Opportunities to learn more.



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